About Us

Since the very first launch, Risen Wardrobe has quickly grown in popularity and has developed a reputation for unmatched quality and industry - leading designs in street wear among young men and women alike.

Initiated by three brothers in Melbourne, Australia filling a gap in the market. They were tired of only finding sub-par garments, which may have looked stylish at first but did not wear well and were not comfortable. After months of sampling different fabrics and designs, Risen Wardrobe was born, addressing these concerns and offering affordable and stylish street wear without compromising on comfort ability, practicability whilst embodying a wow factor.

Risen Wardrobe was and always will be more than just a fashion label. It’s about being you unapologetically. We believe the only way to rise up in a noisy world is to be bold, authentic and to remember where you come from. Drawing on our roots, we have combined the mystique and secrets of ancient Babylon with modern, stylish and aesthetic designs to birth a universally exclusive brand. Enlightened with the truth, we promote our message through our apparel and encourage all to rise up and become Risen.